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15 Must-Try Street Foods in Tokyo

Japanese crepes

1. Choco Banana
What is it: Banana coated with chocolate and sprinkles

2. Crepes
What is it: Japanese take on crepes with an amazing array of fillings to choose from

3. Ikayaki
What is it: Grilled squid

4. Kakigori
What is it: Shaved ice in various flavors like green tea typically served with sweet toppings

5. Kare Pan
What is it: Bread with Japanese curry filling

6. Kasutera
What is it: Japanese sponge cake

7. Okonomiyaki
What is it: Japanese pancakes

8. Ramen
What is it: Noodle dish

9. Senbei
What is it: Japanese rice crackers

10. Taiyaki
What is it: Cakes shaped like a fish typically with fillings like chocolate, custard, or sweet red bean paste.

11. Takoyaki
What is it: Octopus balls made with ingredients that include batter, octopus and green onions often served with mayonnaise, dried fish shavings, and a special sauce

12. Yaki Imo
What is it: Wood-fire cooked baked sweet potatoes

13. Yakisoba
What is it: Stir-fried noodles

14. Yaki Tomorokoshi
What is it: Grilled corn on the cob glazed with glaze of butter, mirin, and soy sauce

15. Yakitori
What is it: Grilled chicken skewers