Better Ways to Eat on a Trip

Better Ways to Eat on a Trip

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Eating local dishes and discovering the scrumptious flavors of every place is part of the fun of traveling. But while it is great to explore the world’s cuisines one trip at a time, it should not be an excuse to abandon the habit of eating well with your health in mind. Whether you are spending 1 week in Thailand enjoying its famous street foods or eating your way around Italy, here are some better ways to eat while on a trip.

Choose nutrient-dense foods. A good diet is all about getting as many natural nutrients as you can from the food you eat. You can enjoy several long-term health benefits when you make food choices based on nutritional value.

Make room for indulgences. Getting back or staying on the healthy diet track has its share of challenges. Set realistic goals that you can stick to. Small adjustments are easier to implement than major changes that could put needless pressure on you. Enjoy the occasional indulgences like having that sinful dessert you like. You do not have to deprive yourself of some of the best tasting treats you like.

Have a meatless day. Spend a day eating vegetarian foods. Think of it as an opportunity to introduce more vegetables into your diet. Plant-based foods are rich in nutrients and tend to have fewer calories. As a traveler, this may seem like a daunting challenge if you mainly eat out in restaurants. But nowadays, more restaurants and even fast foods have something for vegetarians on their menu. You just have to take the time to study your choices to find a vegan meal.

6 Unusual Street Foods in the Philippines

6 Unusual Street Foods in the Philippines


The street food scene in the Philippines not only showcases delicious and filling dishes, sweets, and snacks. They can also throw in a few surprises, especially for the uninitiated. From the weird and famous balut to exotic soup, here are some of the unusual Filipino street foods to try.

1. Adidas
If you are wondering why this is named after a well-known brand for athletic shoes, you will likely figure out the answer as soon as you clapped eyes on this particular food. Adidas refers to marinated chicken feet on skewers cooked over charcoal grill and served with sauce or eaten as is.

2. Balut
The country’s iconic street food remains to be a favorite for many Filipinos. Balut is hard-boiled fertilized duck egg. This is a delicacy not for the squeamish. Expect to find a well-formed duck embryo inside. Tasty and said to be nutritious, balut is one of those foods that taste better than it looks.

3. Betamax
Betamax refers to grilled rectangular shaped coagulated pig or chicken blood. It is then dipped into a special sauce or vinegar.

4. Kwek Kwek
Kwek kwek refers to hard-boiled quail eggs dipped in orange batter then cooked deep-fried. The softness of the quail eggs combined with the crispiness of the outer layer make for a delicious texture and flavor. This delicacy is often eaten dipped or soaked with a vinegar sauce mixed with spices. Another variation would be the tokneneng prepared using duck eggs.

5. Isaw
Isaw is made by thoroughly cleaning pig or chicken intestines inside and out. Some even boil the cleaned intestines before they are put in skewers ready for grilling. Glazed with a special sauce, isaw is often eaten after dipping in a flavorful barbecue sauce or vinegar-based dip.

6. Soup No.5
Soup No.5 is said to be an aphrodisiac. It is a soup dish made from bull’s penis or testicles.